Coby Kyros 10.1” Android Tablet MID10244G

The Coby Kyros 10.1 is amongst the cheapest phone sets. Though it is not as famous as the other phone sets like Samsung, Apple etc. but it is nice enough to handle your daily demands. Its specifications are good enough to make you its usage. The basics about the set are that the tablet consists of its screen that is up to 10.1 inch capacity. It has multi touch capability. It is all in all an Android tablet. It operates on the system of Android 2.2. It consists of a camera that is up to 0.3 MP. The port is micro-USB. The processor is 1 GHz. It has a detachable micro SDHC slot.

Coby Kyros 10.1 Inch Tablet

Specs & Features

The price of the set is $244.99. It can be purchased anywhere due to its free shipping capability. If one wants some gadget with only basic uses then it could work well for you. Especially if one is intended to do much web surfing, you can work with the set well. You will find the set quite stylish and modern looking gadget. It is quite affordable as well. The features are useful enough to go for the technology use.

You can remain in touch with the online world as well through its Wi-Fi availability. You can do online global businesses through its internet connectivity. Furthermore you will find the device with its pre-installed web browser that will automatically enable you to access web pages. You can also remove the unwanted pre-installed applications in this tablet by doing Android Rooting. Moreover the touch screen enables you to move and navigate without any tough job.

The processor is fast enough to allow the set to run a fast content. Just you have to go is install adobe flash player and start playing games and access the flash content as well. The expansion slot for micro SD allows you to get some additional memory installed as well within it. This can be very handy if you are intended to transfer files and media between any two mobile phone sets.

Technology Usage

The 0.3 mega pixel camera further catches your sight towards the set features. The USB and HDMI availability make the set catchy enough for those who are intended to use the most advanced technology at finger tips. Furthermore the device is quite light in weight as well. This can work well whether you are involved in some travel, as it can inform you with every update very quickly.

Furthermore having the gadget with you would definitely be a great pleasure as well. The technology users can go for its helpful features usage. Its touch screen is one of the better ones in the market. The touch screen is sturdy. The best thing about the set is that its memory is expandable. Furthermore you can manually select the applications from your SD card.

This is one of great features. Hence it is possible to interchange the applications. Through this feature not only you can add the application on your SD card but also transfer it to some other set as well. It is also possible to use it as some e-reader.