Battlefield 4: Into The War

Battlefield 4 is the sequel to the highly successful Battlefield 3 and can now be played on consoles like the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is a first person shooter video game that was developed by Swedish Game Developer DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE). Though Battlefield 4 has been criticized for its lackluster storytelling, plot and one dimensional and stereotypical character development, the shooting game experience is quite commendable. Battlefield 4 highly adds to the line up for a new Playstation 4.

Battlefield 4- Into The War

Battlefield 4 works on the highly revamped and improved engine experience provided by Frostbite 3. The immense potential that this technology has in gaming domain is clearly demonstrated. Battlefield 4 can be played both in the single and multi player modes and is one of the leading first person shooter games around. The user interface display is quite basic and similar to the one in Battlefield 3. Players have the option of using dual-scoped weapons that can be used in different firing modes, viz. single shots, automatic fire etc for a diverse gaming experience.

Basic Premise and Plot: Recker and Squad Tombstone

Battlefield 4 is set in 2020, six years after Battlefield 3. As Admiral Chang conspires to overthrow the Chinese Government and bring China and U.S. pitted against each other into the battlefield, the player gets to step into the shoes of Sgt. Daniel ‘Reck’ Recker (in a squad call named ‘Tombstone’) as he tries to outwit Admiral Chang and stop his evil plan from taking over the world.

The Tombstone squad is sent under the command of Recker to Shanghai on a covert mission to rescue three of the American VIPs held there. Falling prey to Chang’s shrewd strategies and an arsenal of impressive weapons, Recker, Hannah and Irish (back from the previous installments in the franchise) volunteer to manually strike back with explosives as they try to make their way home. The player steps into the shoes of Recker as the squad has to fight Chang in a dramatic campaign. Game play is improved and is revamped form the previous offerings in the series. We must mention that the game follows a more or less chronological order this time around unlike Battlefield 3.

However, ever since its release Battlefield 4 was riddled with myriad technical issues and glitches and this even held up the release of future offerings from DICE. DICE made it its top priority to get the major technical issues of the game fixed and had even blamed the transition to next generation consoles for being the main cause behind the glitches raising their ugly heads. They claimed that other games like NFS (Need for Speed) and FIFA were also facing similar technical problems due to the transition to next generation consoles.

Campaigns in Battlefield 4: An Overview

The weapons have been upgraded in this installment. As a first in the Battlefield franchise players can now ‘spot’ targets. Bullet dropping weapons have been enhanced for precise and accurate targets and improved gaming experience overall. Unsurprisingly, there are two types of campaigns that one can choose with the Battlefield 4: single player and multi player.

In the single player campaign the player plays the role of Recker and can choose to use either of the following two options- the Engage command and the tactical visor. The engage command enables the player in the game to command his fellow squad members or other allies to attack enemies in the line of sight of Recker’s character. The tactical visor allows a much more strategic approach by spotting and identifying enemies. At one point in the game Recker is forced to use only the Engage command as the tactical visor is briefly disabled to increase complexity of the campaign.

Collectible weapons, collectible rewards (with default as well as upgraded weapons) are available in every level and the player might switch between ammo and weapons in a particular level-based mission.

The multiplayer campaign of the Battlefield 4 game has some spectacular features like the Commander mode where you can observe the entire battle from the eye of the soldiers. The game map is visible to the commander and he can strategize and direct his troops accordingly. There is also the spectator mode which enables you to view the battle from a third person point of view.

The Levolution feature is another big addition to the abilities of Battlefield 4. It includes a bunch of effects like obscuring dust clouds, metal detectors that start ringing, car alarms that go off when stepped on and power cut in a room in order to reduce enemy visibility.

Battlefiels 4 also offers a much greater range of options than the previous installments of the series when it comes to customization. A large variety of camo options are available for the guns and weapons and the player can pick and choose for the best gaming experience.

Critical Reception

Battlefield 4 has managed to generate mixed reviews from critics. While many have found the campaigns lackluster, the interactive graphics and the newly introduced water based vehicular combat have made jaws drop. Battlefield 4 demonstrates the potential of the all new Frostbite 3 engine technology to create a revolution in the domain of single and multi player games in the near future.

The obliteration mode and multi player elements are feathers in the cap of Battlefield 4 despite the somewhat plain campaigns. The Commander mode, Levolution feature and the diversity in multi player options available are also value additions to the world of the Battlefield series. However the many bugs that have riddled the game since inception somehow dampen the entire gaming experience despite some really marvelous features.

In the range of games for Playstation 4 and the other new age consoles Battlefield 4 stands out as a great single and multi player shooting game that makes most of dramatic characterization, the plain old thrill of shooting your way through enemy lines and some great multi player campaign options.