Is Blogging Already Diluted

There was a time in human history when communication was not possible among far off places. Or else it took too long time to convey one’s own viewpoints to people living away from you. The only tool used was letters of other ancient techniques. But as industrialization took place, man began to dominate the distances. The world began to appear as if it were some globe. People began to move here and there in search of settlements. Intermingling increased and so the communication expanded as well.

Is Blogging already Diluted

Intense Increase In Information

As the rise of computer and internet expanded, man got more chances to convey his messages to others. In today’s world even people have started studying online. There are websites available for sharing each other’s knowledge and information. There is no restriction on gender basis, or on any age of boundary basis. People from every kind of race join the discussions and make comments about each other’s viewpoints. Data of knowledge and information have been expanded. Every next person can share his viewpoints or his knowledge on internet in form of blogs at various websites and can thus get different comments from different people.

People can like or dislike your views according to their own judgments. Such kind of written content is increasing every next second. The data has been increased so much that some people have started fed up from getting into all this. Many people think that perhaps blogging and making comments is nothing more than wastage of time. And that perhaps this must not be commented so much, just reading it and going forwards is the right way to move on. Or else people say that this is a great source of information, and that every next person must participate in such discussions. So the trend has overall moved towards dilution in blogging. There has been found considerable decrease in the peoples’ comments upon the blog status uploads.

Blogging Dilution In Terms Of Topic Chosen

Furthermore one more reason about the dilution in blogging is that the content is mostly found repeated. Similar things appear many times in different ways, just like different brands of vacuum cleaners are discussed at different blogs. One could get fed up from so much discussion on every next minor thing of daily use. Or perhaps the user cannot find the topics of his interest or approach. Just like during these days there have been so much discussions about politics and terrorism, mostly people get fed up from all this, and want to see things appear normal as before. This thing matters a lot. Topic of discussion catches the readers’ attention.

Increase In Websites

Moreover one more hindering factor is the appearance of numerous websites. The internet has expanded world so much, that ever next person is making a new website for blogging and discussion making; this too makes people confused about which site to follow in limited time of routine life. Thus mostly the attitude people have adopted is that they don’t bother to comment on statements. Just reading them is thought enough for information. Hence, blogging has overall moved towards dilution.