Uses of State Bank of India IFSC code

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) which is the central bank of all the banks in India issue unique 11 characters alphanumeric number for all the 165 computerized banks and their branches in India. Full form of IFSC code is Indian Financial System Code. All the banks in India bank this unique identification code which facilitates net banking to transfer money between banks and branches.


Format of an IFSC code.

IFSC code is a unique code for bank branches. It’s similar to voter card, aadhar card, PAN card of an individual citizen. By using this bank customer can identify bank name, MICR code, address and SWIFT code. RBI can monitor bank branch activities, cash flow and more using this IFSC code.

For demonstration, I have chosen State Bank of India IFSC code Attur branch.

SBIN 0 000810

SBIN– The first four characters of IFSC code denote the bank name. All the branches of state bank of India IFSC code start with SBIN.

0– 5th character of IFSC code is zero. This remains constant for all the bank IFSC code, it meant for future uses.

000810– Last 6 are the branch code of state bank of India. This will differ for all the bank branches of SBI.

Necessity of Banks IFSC codes:

Population of India in 2016 survey is 1.319 billion. Among this crowd, more than 50% has the bank account (i.e) 659 million. There are approximately 1,20,000 bank branches are in India. So it’s impossible to manage this crowd in direct banking. In order to make banking handy, Internet banking is more useful. For online transaction, Banks IFSC codes are needed.

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